Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Well, Suzy, I completely cased your Pringles Can!! Your can was a perfect idea for Teacher's Gifts for the Adorable Little One. Suzy, you are a complete goddess, and everyone needs to follow your blog religiously.

I filled the can with butterscotch chip cookies, and snickerdoodles. They are both VERY yummy. I had my own Snickerdoodle recipe. Actually, Betty Crocker had it for me. She is very nice that way!

The stamps were from A Muse's clear Baking Set. Here is a link...http://www.amuseartstamps.com/CartGenie/prod-2913.htm
Adorable, isn't it?

Well, this is my last day of work before my Christmas vacation, and of course, it is snowing again. Wish me luck trudging into the office! Hopefully the roads won't be too freaking horrible!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aren't they freaking adorable??

There was a portrait studio chain near my house that had a Pets Day. Aren't Blitzen and The Fabulous Miss Roxie beyond adorable??? Ahh, I love my doggies!! Spottie did not join us, because at 15 years old, she just has more pride and dignity.
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This is our Welsh Terrier, Roxie. I brought her home against the wishes of The Owner of the Power Tools. He said no. Repeatedly. I laughed, and brought her home. Within about 1 week, she became a traitor - and made it clear that she loved him best. She will jump off your lap, to go to him. She is extremely gentle around children, loves playing in the sprinkler, sleeps with her feet in the air, and is afraid to go out in the rain.
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Ahh, this is Blitzen. We had two dogs pass away last year from November 1st through mid-December. The Owner of the Power Tools agreed that Mamma needed a new pup. We brought Roxie with us, to pick out the lucky dog! Honestly, we had not even noticed Blitz before we brought her in to the center. Roxie picked him out!! The girl has great taste, and they hit it off instantly. Blitz is the friendliest guy! (and, it might be possible that he likes *me* best....) Blitzen loves to run and play with the Adorable Little One (still 4yrs old) and will allow A.L.O. to grab him by the collar and run him thru the house. Blitz loves playing in the mud, fetching a ball, and sitting on your lap. We may allow him to start sleeping upstairs with us at Christmas break, since he has been housebroken for 6 months, although he is a notorious chewer! Wish us luck with that one!
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Friday, December 5, 2008

VMAADEC08E Movie challenge

We had to pick our own movie for this inspiration! Well, I instead went for the Christmas classic, Gramma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, of course, inspired by the hit song.

Hmmm...the scary thing, is that I do have a friend or two that would enjoy getting this card in the mail!!
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VMAADEC08D Home Alone

This challenge was to make a card that reminded you of a childhood memory. Well, my favorite part of the Holiday Season was the ONE night of the year that Charlie Brown's Christmas was on!! Remember life before cable? When your entire class watched the same holiday specials on the same nights??

NONE of them beat Snoopy!

This Bare Tree just screams Charlie Brown to me!!
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VMAADEC08C Scrooged

Not in love with this card. Don't think I will be using staples again soon...had to add the ribbon when the stapler ran out of staples. Phooey.
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vmaadec08b-Polar Express

Again, more details soon!
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VMAADEC08A- A Christmas Story

More details will be here later...having a blast at VMAA!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa Baby...What's in your bag?

Just thought that I would shhare the card that I made for my Novemeber A Muse card swap at my LSS. The swap had to include the North Pole Sign. I also added Santa & his bag from Missy Holiday Clear Set. This is only the second time that I have swapped there, and it is a TON of FUN!!!
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gobble Gobble!!

Ahh, life is always sooooo busy this time of year, between the Adorable Little One's birthday, Halloween, and soon Thanksgiving will be upon us!! But, while I may be too busy to post for ya'll...don't think that I have not had the chance to get a little creative.

The turkey is by A Muse. The swirly background paper is actually photo paper (I was out of glossy paper), that I used the shaving cream technique on. You can see how to do it here at Splitcoast Stampers. Warning, this is a messy technique...but I always have fun with it!!

It is time again to chose the new homepage card at the A Muse Addict group. Have you joined yet? You really should, it is a blast!!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

100 Things I like...

Just in case you were wondering...here are 100 things I like. In no particular order:

1. Jelly Bellies
2. Donald Duck
3. House (the tv show...)
4. Jimmy Buffett
5. Palm Trees
6. Diet Coke
7. Scions
8. Camels (the dessert animal - not the cigarettes...)
9. Tequilla
10. Democrats
11. Baseball
12. Stamping
13. Boats
14. Hammocks
15. Red
16. daycare
17. Baby sitters
18. Good quality silverware
19. Skulls
20. Markers
21. Those sick days when you are just a "little" sick
22. Advil
23. Googlie Eyes
24. Sock Monkeys
25. Money
26. Postcards from friends
27. Being over caffinated
28. Naps
29. Cats
30. Missing teeth on 6 year olds
31. Muppets
32. tie-dye
33. getting a foot rub
34. temperatures in the 60s
35. scrapbook paper
36. CNN
37. The smell of babies heads
38. Jimmy Johns sandwiches
39. Costco
40. Monkeys
41. Chinese Food
42. the UPS truck
43. my laptop
44. Advil
45. campfires
46. Santa Claus
47. Cell phones
48. Rum
49. Cruises
50. ATM Cards
51. Glitter
52. Carmex
53. Fall Leaves
54. Cupcakes
55. Lazy Days
56. Amber glass
57. silver hoop earrings
58. Mexico
59. sleeping in
60. snowmen
61. The Wiggles
62. Apple Picking
63. Tetris
64. Train Rides
65. Reeboks
66. Puppy kisses
67. Elf (the Movie)
68. commission checks
69. ATCs
70. black appliances
71. dolphins
72. thick eyelashes
73. bookstores
74. Roadtrips
75. Movie Theaters
76. blog hopping
77. "me" time
78. restaurants
79. palm trees
80. trampolines
81. starry nights
82. Disney Worlds
83. Welsh Terriers
84. Donuts
85. redecorating
86. my craft studio
87. dates with my husband
88. brown eyes
89. belly buttons
90. good grades
91. stamps in the passport
92. recycling
93. English accents
94. Pet stores
95. daisies
96. snow days
97. coloring books
98. television
99. city skylines
100. My kiddos

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You're Special!

Ha!! Is this not hysterical?? The creature is a stamp from Starving Artistamps & the Sentiment is from A Muse. I received my first order a week or two ago from Starving Artistamps, and let me tell you, I love them. I am going ahead and adding them to my Shopping list on the right side of my blog for ya'll to check them out!!

So, I flocked his hair with Fun Flock and paper pieced the creature with the Fab-uuuuu-lous polka dotted paper that I had in my scraps.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stamp Storage inspired by an Addict...

Lookie Lookie what Mr. Snarky Pants helped me make!! I was inspired by the fabulous wooden shelf that Dawn (Earlymorning from A Muse Addicts) had her family make for her. Isn't that FAB-U-LOUS??? I love it. Wanted it. Needed it.

But, I knew that if I asked The Keeper of the Power Tools, he would say it was great. And hesitate. Somehow, he does not have the same sense of urgency that I do, in ensuring that the stampin' studio remains organized. So, Mr. Snarky Pants and I came up with this plan, to create organizational bliss, without involving The Keeper of the Power Tools.

The wire shelving is the same stuff from Target that we have built a paper holder in. Those are nothing new around the net...but we built it in a side-by-side model, to fit under the window that is next to my desk. All I have to do is swivel the chair around! Then, we bought the same clear plastic box frames that Dawn used to act as shelves. Warning...in all but the top shelf, they do scrape on the top and bottom...BUT that does not change how well the store stamps! I bought some cabinet knobs from Target (but did not get enuff & keep forgetting to get more...) and had to wait almost 1 month from The Keeper of the Power Tools to drill the holes for me to attach them.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I ♥ Boris!!

Oh, I just can't tell you how much I love Boris. (Boris and his ingrediants are copyright of A Muse Artstamps) He is my man!! Can you believe that I did not have his special ingrediant jars until just last week? Ahhh....It just feels so right.

Hey, he does have a girlfriend, Bernice, listed over at the A Muse site. But, I will pretend that she does not exist. He is MY MAN!! And some newcomer cannot take him away from me. Back off Bernice... I ♥ him.

This tribute to Boris and other Halloween cards are currently for sale in my Etsy shop. I am making more daily, so keep checking back!
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two More Sheep

Ahh, the love that I have for these Saltbox Studio sheep is not wavering! Aren't they the cutest?

First, there is the sheep jumping over the moon. Heck, who says that the cow should have all of the fun? Well, this little guy reminded me of the Serta Counting Sheep so it just all fit!

The Get Wool Soon sheep, has been glittered, and boy, does he sparkle in real life!

One more sheep to go...this one will be the "Black Sheep"...watch for him soon!!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

AMACWC58 Sweet Scallops

I told you that I would be back soon with another Saltbox Studio Sheep!! I made this over the holiday weekend, and doesn't it work perfectly with the A Muse Addicts challenge to use scallops on a card?

Ha! It is like I am physic! Or...simply addicted to scallops. Or pyscho...

Doesn't matter...

Oh, lemme tell you about how I am coloring the adorable little lamb! I am using mySigno Uniball pen, and coloring in tiny little squiggles. There are teeny bits of the craft paper showing thru - to help give it texture. I am IN LUV with this pen.

The notecard is A Muse paper...flowers were Prima. Ribbon from my stash & the craft paper was by TAC.
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Saltbox Studio Star Sheep

I have finally inked up the Saltbox Studio Sheep!!

I *heart* them!!
Honestly, I had been holding off using them, because I hate when you use clear stamps and they stain. YES - I know that does not affect (or is it effect...) how they stamp. Every bit of me understands that fact.

But, yet, they just aren't so pretty then. And prettiness matters.

But, I finally broke down and bought a bottle of Ultra Clean. Guess what? It DOES work! I know, I have been a little doubter myself... but it works. Ahhh, I feel sooo liberated to use the stamps that I want to use and not let my own shallowness about their prettiness get in the way!


Hey, I have used 3 more of the sheeps in the set, I will post those as soon as I have a chance. There is one sheep to go, and I am still working out the plan in my head...
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrs. Goonerberry

Mrs. Goonerberry is adorable, isn't she?? I am jealous.

There is nothing more that I would like is a weekend in a comfy chair, with a snuggly blanket and a good book. Even the kitty is snuggled up with her! Ok, we have been kitty free in this house for over two years, but do not rule out the thought of a kitty forever...

We are up to 4 dogs. One, we are fostering and she is going to her forever home on September 8th. She has not fit in with the family well at all. She knocks down the Adorable Little One and has gotten in a fight with The Fabulous Miss Roxie, leaving Rox with 9 stitches. I am sad that it did not work out, but I know that this is for the best.

Mamma Spottie is getting on in years. While she is still spry for a 15 year old dog, you can often see her age. Her daughter passed away this past Thanksgiving. Spottie will still teach the "Littles" (Blitzen & Roxie - both under 25 pounds & shorter than knee height) a thing about wrestling, but yet, her hearing is getting worse. I will be heart broken when I lose her.

So, maybe someday this will be me. Do you see any kids bothering her? Nope. It looks like she has been able to read more than one page without an interuption! Just add a plate of chocolate and I would be a happy-happy girl!

The stamp is by Eat Graphics Designs. Love Holly & her stuff!! Patterned paper by Basic Grey.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes a Little Change is Good...

I have even stepped out of my comfort zone with not just the look of the blog, but with these stamps as well!!! I love these stamps. I even have another dragon facing the opposite direction. I love him, toobut just did not include him. I got them at a stamping convention that I dragged Mr. Snarky Pants to one evening this summer.

Yes, he went. He actually did not complain too much.We ussually have a good time when it is just the two of us. Then, the fact that we are somuch alike just makes for a good time. He was happy to help me spend my money, and help me mock the ugly stamps (and you know that they are out there!) . Plus, we then went out for sushi! We are the only two sushi fans in the family!!

So, back to the card...the castle and the dark water was colored with Prismacolor pencils, and OMS was used to blend. The sky and the lighter water was colored with my SU! WCC. Dragon was covered in Diaond Glaze to make him shiny. Doesn't every dragon want nice shiny skin?
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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Muse Addict Homepage Contest

It is time for another Home Page Contest amung the A Muse Addicts. First,
have you joined the A Muse Addicts yet? What? What are you waiting for? This is such a fun group!! We have contests and swaps and sneak peaks and virtual meetings, and a fun place to hang out with other fanatics of A Muse stamps!!

Plus, if you joined...you could vote for me to win the Home Page contest. Yes, that was shameless begging for votes. Come on, like that surprises you...

The Challenge, posted by Geeta, was to make a card using 3 of the following colors: Palm Green, Bark (brown), Orange Crush and Swiss Red. Oh, yes, we also had to add glitter.

Well, Mr. Snarky Pants was using my laptop - and the Adorable Little One was watching "Lightening Car" on Hubby's Laptop - so I could not surf around to figure out which green to use. SO - I went ahead and threw both greens that I had in there. Ha! I felt soooo sneaky!

oh, the sun was added to cover a lopsided sentiment.

All stamps and patterned paper by A Muse. The yellow came from my scrap bag & the white base is actually watercolor paper. (that is one of my secrets for a strong but textured base. The orange glitter is from Martha Stewart.
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Wow! I am a winner & More FUN Stuff!!!

This morning, the son formally known as Mr. Snarky Pants, started high school! My baby!! Ahh, it just seems like I was holding Baby Snarky Pants and getting soy formula thrown up all over me...now, he is an Axe-wearing-highschool-going Mr. Snarky Pants! Wait...Snarky even remembered to hug me goodbuy this morning and did not object to the first day of school picture. Ahhh, he is good to me.

In the rush to get ready for back to school (and having a wee-bit o'outpatient surgery myself) I have not had time to share that I won two things lately! I won a surprise packet from the last VMAA (Vitual Meeting of the A Muse Addicts) that included a pack of their Blue Madeira Note Cards (mmm...yummy..), some gaw-geous green A Muse ribbon, and the clear A Muse Clowboy Frames! Yippee!! I have not won anything since that bike from Captain Crunch back in 6th grade - so ya'll just can't believe how excited I was.

Also, I was nominated for the Brillante Weblog by Victoria!! Isn't she the greatest?!? She is a fellow A Muse Addict, and I am proud to share that she has finished her Chemotherapy and is 1/2 way thru her treatments. Go check her out...she has a dynamic spirit & I dare you not to feel inspired by her!!

Here are the details of the award:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.

Here are my nominations, just a few of the people that inspire me:

1. Tisha
2. HB
3. Novelle
4. Martha
5. Suzy
6. Lyndsay
7. Jo-elle

Saturday, August 2, 2008

VMWW Friends (as in a Comedy!)

Having to make a humorous card stumped me tonight! I don't know why, this is normally so much fun for me...but the pressure was killer!

Is he really a bad little monster - or just showing off for the girls?

VMAA One Tree Hill

The One Tree Hill challenge is about using only 1 A Muse stamp. We could use it as many times as we wanted. I originally made 6 fish...but once I had these two on the card - it felt right.


The Lost challenge had me stumped for about 1.5 seconds. The challenge was to use some favorites! (you know, items you would like to have on a desserted island). While I have a zillion favs in my A Muse collection - Rock Star was y first favorite. He was love at fist site!

I combined him with some of my favorite A Muse papers & colors! Enjoy!

VMAA Greys Anatomy

We were challenged to make a card about love. Finally inked up stamps that have been feeling neglected...

Another VMAA for the A Muse Addicts...

Here is my card for the first challenge. Decided to use the Scooter stamp, since I am all about the scooter that my hubby just bought me!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Muse A Palooza Challenge

I know, I have been truly slacking on this blog...forgive me??

Well, I hope so -- otherwise I would not share this card with you...It is for Taylor's Twinkle Time challenge...Notice the sparkly wagon.

I like to call this card...You Lazy Pig!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

VMAAAPR08E - Weekend

There was a bonus challenge, posted by the Goddess herself, Linda!!!

Here is my weekend card. Yes, I am the pudgy diver. Look, no kids calling my name in that card....ahhh, bliss! Won't ever happen -- but it sure would be bliss! Plus, I used only my mosted favorite colors in the whole wide world!! The green looks a little wonky...I even tried taking the picture right under the OTT light (and on top of the mess...) but you will just have to trust me that it is a very pretty green.

You know, that mess under the card probably fits in with the weekend theme really well...there is an A Muse stamp, markers to be put away, the phone to remind me to catch up on all those calls...

VMAAAPR08D - Black & White

WHEW, I finally finished the last card! What pressure!!

Patterned paper by Junkitz, ink by SU!, ribbon & stamp by A Muse.

Did I mention it is my 40th birthday? Boy, this VMAA has been such a fabulous way to celebrate, since the hubby had to work.

oh...and I dyed my hair pretty darn red. Ha! Take that you "Albino Hairs"...

VMAAAPR08C Sketch Challenge

here we go! sketch challenge