Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Well, Suzy, I completely cased your Pringles Can!! Your can was a perfect idea for Teacher's Gifts for the Adorable Little One. Suzy, you are a complete goddess, and everyone needs to follow your blog religiously.

I filled the can with butterscotch chip cookies, and snickerdoodles. They are both VERY yummy. I had my own Snickerdoodle recipe. Actually, Betty Crocker had it for me. She is very nice that way!

The stamps were from A Muse's clear Baking Set. Here is a link...http://www.amuseartstamps.com/CartGenie/prod-2913.htm
Adorable, isn't it?

Well, this is my last day of work before my Christmas vacation, and of course, it is snowing again. Wish me luck trudging into the office! Hopefully the roads won't be too freaking horrible!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aren't they freaking adorable??

There was a portrait studio chain near my house that had a Pets Day. Aren't Blitzen and The Fabulous Miss Roxie beyond adorable??? Ahh, I love my doggies!! Spottie did not join us, because at 15 years old, she just has more pride and dignity.
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This is our Welsh Terrier, Roxie. I brought her home against the wishes of The Owner of the Power Tools. He said no. Repeatedly. I laughed, and brought her home. Within about 1 week, she became a traitor - and made it clear that she loved him best. She will jump off your lap, to go to him. She is extremely gentle around children, loves playing in the sprinkler, sleeps with her feet in the air, and is afraid to go out in the rain.
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Ahh, this is Blitzen. We had two dogs pass away last year from November 1st through mid-December. The Owner of the Power Tools agreed that Mamma needed a new pup. We brought Roxie with us, to pick out the lucky dog! Honestly, we had not even noticed Blitz before we brought her in to the center. Roxie picked him out!! The girl has great taste, and they hit it off instantly. Blitz is the friendliest guy! (and, it might be possible that he likes *me* best....) Blitzen loves to run and play with the Adorable Little One (still 4yrs old) and will allow A.L.O. to grab him by the collar and run him thru the house. Blitz loves playing in the mud, fetching a ball, and sitting on your lap. We may allow him to start sleeping upstairs with us at Christmas break, since he has been housebroken for 6 months, although he is a notorious chewer! Wish us luck with that one!
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Friday, December 5, 2008

VMAADEC08E Movie challenge

We had to pick our own movie for this inspiration! Well, I instead went for the Christmas classic, Gramma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, of course, inspired by the hit song.

Hmmm...the scary thing, is that I do have a friend or two that would enjoy getting this card in the mail!!
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VMAADEC08D Home Alone

This challenge was to make a card that reminded you of a childhood memory. Well, my favorite part of the Holiday Season was the ONE night of the year that Charlie Brown's Christmas was on!! Remember life before cable? When your entire class watched the same holiday specials on the same nights??

NONE of them beat Snoopy!

This Bare Tree just screams Charlie Brown to me!!
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VMAADEC08C Scrooged

Not in love with this card. Don't think I will be using staples again soon...had to add the ribbon when the stapler ran out of staples. Phooey.
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vmaadec08b-Polar Express

Again, more details soon!
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VMAADEC08A- A Christmas Story

More details will be here later...having a blast at VMAA!
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