Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well, our New Year's Eve was not as uneventful as we had hoped. I spent it with Oldest son (13 yrs) having his appendix out. He had lived with the pain for almost 3 weeks, even the doctor was shocked that it did not rupture. It was all sorts of infected. ugh.

So, I did manage to get one card done since he came home.

This was from Splitcoast Stampers Scetch Challenge #157. Love the sketch. The cat stamp and sentiment are from The Cat's Pajamas. Adorable aren't they?

I will always be a cat person.

When I grew up, my dad brought us two cats. Not as wonderful as it sounded, since my parents were divorced, and these two cats belonged to his girlfriend, until she had to get rid of them for soem reason...that I never did figure out. Well, he brought the cats in and gave them to us, without even asking my mother. At 7 years old, I thought that this was a miracle for me. Ummm, mom felt differently.

They were two tabbies, a black striped, named Guy and a light grey striped cat named Parfait. (Hey, they came with these names.) Parfait was not nice. She scratched...and had attitude. When Mom took her to be declawed, she discovered that the vet's office had her file listed as "PARFART" instead of Parfait. Heeheee, is it wrong that this still makes me giggle 30+ years later???

I don't really even remeber "Parfart" leaving the house. I think my dad took her. Guy stayed around a few years, then "went away" one weekend while I was at a church trip. While we were allowed to have fish, lizards, mice, dogs, and guinnea pigs -- we all knew never to bring home a cat.

Even thought I do not have any cats now, I have had 5 as an adult. Sister and Brother are also cat people. But, they have all had better names than Parfart. ;o)